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Drones Under $300

There are some really cool flying machines to be found in the sub 300 USD price range and we got some of the best ones to test and review. What you get for this kind of invested money is semi-professional grade quadcopter which comes equipped with onboard GPS modules and higher quality transmitters and remote controllers. They can be used for some serious work and they are definitely way beyond the toy classification.

Their batteries are higher quality too, so the flight times are longer and there is more fun to be had. There is plenty of additional accessories included in the package too and most of the spare parts are universal and allow for easier maintenance in case something gets damaged.

So, let’s see what each of the tested models offers and how they compare to one another.

Top Rated Drones Under $300


  • ONAGOfly 1 PLUS

  • Flying time: 15 minutes

  • Camera: Yes

  • Control distance: 1000 meters
Flexify Foldable Drone


  • Flying time: 15 minutes

  • Camera: No

  • Control distance: NIP
F183DH review


  • Flying time: 15 minutes

  • Camera: Yes

  • Control distance: NIP

ONAGOfly Drone – Advanced Nano Smart 1 Plus Quadcopter

Advertised as a palm-sized camera drone, the Advanced Nano Smart 1 Plus is a small quadcopter designed for selfie making on the go. There is a GPS function tucked inside the compact size body and one of the standout features is the automated tracking of the subject who is being recorded.



Drone size: 5 x 5 x 2.6 inches

Drone weight: 0.4 pounds

GPS Satellite navigation and position tracking

GPS stable hovering function

Auto-tracking mode

Remote control via app

Full HD video quality

13 Mpix camera resolution

2 high capacity batteries included

Operating range up to 50 meters

360-degree aerial acrobatics performance

Retail package:

• Advanced Nano Smart 1 quadcopter
• USB charging cable
• AC charging cable
• DC charging cable
• 4 x 3.7V 900mAh Batteries
• 8 x Propellers
• 4 x Prop protection guards
• 2 x Landing skids
• Wrench
• User Manual

Nano Smart 1 Plus package

This social network sharing enabled device was intended for a quick selfie session and instant sharing of the captured media on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or perhaps on Twitter. This easy to store drone fits in your palm and can be carried in small bags on your outdoor adventures. The included GPS functionality enables it to fly alongside you and take 360-degree videos and photos. By connecting it to the ONAGOfly app for your mobile device you get access to plenty of features. The app also serves as a means to remotely control the little flyer. There is a nice live stream feature so that you can monitor the flight session with your mobile or a tablet. The quality of the video comes in 1080p which is Full HD resolution and photos come out pretty great and have plenty of detail since the tiny camera records them in 13 Megapixels resolution.

The flying skills of this small quadcopter are great and there are plenty of fun moments we had with it. The acrobatics it can perform are nice and it climbs and turns really fast. The GPS hover function keeps it stable and level. During our testing, we found that the average flight time we got out of the battery was around 10 minutes. Pretty great given the miniature size of the drone. Four additional included batteries ensure 40 minutes of total operating time with swaps.

Selfie users should pick this model as it will make for some very creative pictures and videos on the go.

Flexify Foldable Drone – Collapsible Quadcopter

This uniquely designed quadcopter from Infinity Hobby offers great portability since it can be completely folded and packed for easier transport. The Flexify foldable drone also comes with GPS functionality which enables it to do predefined waypoint based flying and there is also the automatic take-off and landing feature as well.

Flexify Foldable review


Drone size: 8.5 x 8.5 x 7 inches

Unfolded drone size: 23 x 23 x 7.6 inches

Drone weight: 2.2 pounds

GPS Satellite navigation and position tracking

GPS stable hovering function

Waypoint tracking mode

Remote control via app

Modular with various attachments

Can carry up to 2 kg of weight

Large battery capacity

Uses 2826 size 920KV motors

Retail package:

• Flexify Foldable Drone
• AC charging cable
• 5200mAh 4S Battery
• 4 x Propellers
• 2 x Landing skids
• User Manual

FLEXIFY package includes

Just by looking at the spec sheet one can realise that this is a semi-professional grade quadcopter. The modularity options are plenty and include various attachments which can be added. These include a spotlight module, off-load hook module and an FPV module paired with an AV transmitter. Pretty impressive functionality at this price range.

The drone came folded in the package. It isn’t the smallest model out there however when you are done using it you can simply fold it and store it in your carrying bag or even a medium sized backpack. We found the flashy orange paint job great for orientation and visibility when we were flying it at a higher altitude.

All functions can be controlled and set via the smartphone app and there is all relevant info shown during the flight time. Some of the features available include automatic take-off and landing, return to the starting point and an awesome waypoint tracking function. You can define the waypoints which you want the drone to follow so that you can focus on recording videos for example.

The included battery can last up to 25 minutes if you didn’t attach any of the accessories and around 15 minutes when you attach a payload of up to 1.2 kg of weight. The build quality is great and this quadcopter sure looks like it can withstand some beating.

This is a professional grade tool for anyone looking to mount their GoPro camera and make some great video footage.

Potensic F183DH Drone – Excellent Stable FPV Drone

The attractive looking Potensic F183DH quadcopter comes with a nice set of accessories and what’s more important, it has some pretty useful functions too. This is an FPV drone with an altitude hold technology which makes flying it more stable and fun.

F183DH review


Quadcopter size: 18 x 10 x 3.8 inches

Drone weight: 2.4 pounds

FPV video transmission system

Altitude hold system

6-axis gyro stabilisation

5.8 GHz Remote control

One key take-off and landing function

2 Mpix onboard camera

Large battery capacity

Uses 2826 size 920KV motors

Retail package:

• Potensic F183DH Quadcopter
• 2.4GHz Transmitter (4 x AA batteries NOT INCLUDED)
• 5.8GHz FPV LCD Screen with built-in 500mah Li-PO Battery
• 2 x 7.4V 500mAh Li-Po Batteries (1 outside,1 equipped)
• 4GB TF Card
• USB Card Reader
• Battery Charger
• 4 x Spare propeller blades
• 4 x Propeller protection guards
• User Manual

F183DH package

Flying the F183DH drone was an easy matter as it is very beginner friendly. We appreciated the increased stability and the medium speed movement range it offers. The altitude hold function works as it should and the quadcopter hovers in one place even in stronger winds. We would describe the overall performance as being smooth and very enjoyable thanks to the fast controller response times.

The included LCD which comes with the remote control offers a great video live stream feature which sends the image from the drone’s onboard camera. The 2 Megapixel cam does a decent job when it comes to video and photo quality it records. The ability to hold altitude and hover in one spot makes video and photo recording so much easier and more relaxing.

The drone comes with two higher voltage batteries and we were able to achieve an average of 15 minutes of flight with relaxed flying and video recording which is a good result. The charger needs less than two hours to refill batteries to full capacity. We didn’t like the fact that users must monitor the charging process and remove the battery once it is full in order to prevent energy drain.

We can recommend this quadcopter to beginner flyers who would like a nice FPV function that is also smooth and stable to fly.

Quick Comparison

ONAGOflyONAGOfly 1 PLUS0.4lb3.7V 900mAh Li-PoYes Check on Amazon
Flexify Foldable DroneFLEXIFY FOLDABLE DRONE2.2lb4S 5200mAh Li-PoNo Check on Amazon
F183DH reviewPOTENSIC F183DH2.4lb7.4V 500mAh Li-PoYes Check on Amazon


Out of these three models tested we would definitely choose the Flexify Foldable Drone as it is useful in so many different ways. The modular attachment system offers an incredible amount of usage flexibility and allows complete transformation of the drone. This is great on the field as it can be adapted to so many different usage scenarios. We also have to point out that this feature is not present even in quadcopters that cost three times more. For those looking for a pro-grade camera-carrying drone then this is also the best one at this price range. Seeing how all the parts on it can be swapped and replaced easily it is also future proof and there are plenty universal spare parts available on the market.

The Advanced Nano Smart 1 Plus quadcopter is sort of a mixed bag really. We found it be an average performer for its asking price and as such we can only recommend it only if you really need a 360-degree tracking selfie making drone. The F183DH gets a thumb up from us since it is a great all in one FPV system and it is a perfect choice for beginners. Depending on your requirements all of these quadcopters offer nice functionality and a great feature set.

Best Drones Under $300 - Best Selling Quadcopters
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Best Drones Under $300 - Best Selling Quadcopters
There are some really cool flying machines to be found in the sub 300 USD price range and we got some of the best ones to test and review. What you get for this kind of invested money is semi-professional grade quadcopter which comes equipped with onboard GPS modules and higher quality transmitters and remote controllers.
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