DBPOWER UDI U818A Review – Racer Drone

UDI U818A Review

For users who are looking a fast racing drone without spending too much money, we got a great choice for you. We’ve recently tested U818A quadcopter drone made by DBPOWER and found it be an excellent high-speed flyer. It is also packed with great features such as an FPV mode which streams HD quality video feed to a VR helmet or a smartphone.

The design is shock and collision resistant and so this compact drone presents a great choice for beginner quadcopter operators. In our detailed review, we will point out what exactly makes this nimble flyer a bestseller in under $200 price range.


Drone size: 13.4 x 13 x 3.6 inches

Drone weight: 0.35 pounds

Built-in 6-axis gyroscope for precise hovering in the sky

Real-Time HD FPV transmission over Wi-Fi

Gravity induction system – direction heading control

Headless safety function

2 high capacity batteries included

Operating range up to 80 meters

HD video and picture recording

Safety LED lights

The Retail Package Includes:

• DBPOWER UDI U842 Predator quadcopter
• 2.4GHz Remote controller
• USB charging cable
• 2 x 7.4V 700 mAh Li-PO Batteries
• 4 x Rotating blade propellers
• 4GB Micro SD card
• User Manual

dbpower udi u818a retail package


We are very pleased with the build quality of the U818A. Its streamlined shape is aerodynamic and thus extremely efficient and stable even in flight in the stronger wind. The streamlined body also helps it to move easier through the air and manoeuvre better. We like the black paint colour scheme with red lettering on top and especially appreciate the fact that DBPOWER chose to use different colours for the propeller blades. The front blades are white while the rear ones are black and this helps when you need to know where the quadcopter is facing during flight. The included red and blue LED lights are also a nice touch and they help when flying in low-light situations.

6-axis Gyroscope

Taking the U818A for its first flight was a very fun affair. The 6-axis gyro offers great stability and keeps the quadcopter steady in hover mode when the controls are left alone. There is a “headless” mode included too which will make flying easier for beginners. The “Return Home” feature, which is not usually found included in this price range, worked very well and brought the quadcopter to the starting point each time we pressed the button.

Remote Control DBPOWER

Flight Performance

Once we got out of the “Low speed” setting and activated the “High speed” mode we got to see what a great flying machine the U818A really is. It is very fast thanks to the lightweight and aerodynamic body and the turn rates and climbing speeds are impressive too. We tested it against some of the other models we had in the office and it won the races with a big lead. We are really impressed what this quadcopter can do in the “High speed” mode. There is an acrobatic mode function included too, so that users can make flips and rolls for fun. Note that using these functions will reduce the flying time as the battery will drain faster due to more stress being exerted on the motors.

HD Camera

The High definition camera makes nice quality photos and videos. The FPV mode works great over a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and once we put on the VR headset we got a totally immersive flying experience. The app includes the VR 3D function which is compatible with any Google Cardboard type of VR headset.

Remote Controles

The included remote is great to use and it has a small integrated LCD display which shows some of the flight-relevant information. The included smartphone holder is great and it even has side blinders to help you see the display better when you’re out and flying on a sunny day.

The Android and iOS compatible application offers another way to control the drone via touchscreen input and there are some useful function toggles as well. The “Gravity Induction” feature is, in fact, a way to operate the quadcopter using your smartphone’s gyroscope so that the movement of the phone controls the movement of the drone.

UDI U818A dimensions


The included battery works at 7.4 Volts which offers more power to the four motors. This explains why the U818A flies so fast and also explains the maximum flight time of around 10 minutes on average. Luckily, there is another battery included in the package so an easy swap will double the flying time. We like how there is a LED warning indicator which flashes when the battery gets low. The remote controller will also make a beeping sound to warn that the battery is about to run out.

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