Best Racing Drone-Buyer’s Guide

best racing drone buyers guide infographic

If you’re a type of person that spends every minute contemplating how to improve or modify gear that you own, or how to get your hands on even more gear, it’s safe to say you’re a tech geek. Now is the perfect time to live in if you’re a technology enthusiast. There are all sorts of devices and electric contraptions invented on a daily basis waiting for you to be discovered.

But there is one that’s a favorite, right? Drone technology never stops to amaze people that are into robotics. More people are attracted to it, and invited to find new and interesting ways of using them. One particularly interesting method of using drones is for a drone race, and it’s becoming quite popular. Everything that you need to know about buying the right drone for your next drone race is presented in these neat illustrations. Where the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” gets a literal meaning.

Light Frame Is Essential

You are looking for a balance between the lightest frame ever produced and the fastest motor. The heavier your drone is the more power it requires to gain speed. So your focus should be on purchasing a frame that’s as light as possible. One of the lightest frames currently on the market for racing drones is the LRC Race. This FPV 5 inch racing drone frame weights 68 g, it has a 3mm carbon spar wings. The design and position of wings makes this frame ultra-durable. It’s also quite compatible for modding, so you’ll be able to add whatever upgrade you have at your disposal.

Know Your Battery

Depending on what type of competition you’re entering you’re going to need a higher capacity Lipo battery that also weights more, or a lower capacity that weighs less adding to your racing drone’s maneuverability. If you’re looking to build an agile racing drone you should go for lighter Lipo batteries like the Tatto 1050 mAh 4s 75C–90C battery. It weighs 123 g and it’s the perfect choice for your light maneuverable racing drone concept. However if crafting a drone to participate in a high-speed drone racing event, you should go for something like the Tatto 1800 mAh 3S 45C that’ll give your racing drone a real kick.

Picking The Right Flight Controller

The flight controller is the brain of operation. I makes communication between your FPV drone and your controller possible. It also determines how quickly it sends the video feed from FTV drone’s camera to your googles or monitor. If you’re looking for a high end flight controller with fast processor you should go for F303 Racer as it’s the best one out there. It has a F3 processor that easily surpasses the capabilities of other flight controller processors, as well as a large 128Mb flash storage intended for black box logging.

Drone Race Motor

Looking for the lightest possible yet highly efficient motor? Lumenier RX2206 2350kv is the best choice to go for if you are to avoid adding more weight to your drone. It weighs only 28 grams making the battery heaviest part of you custom made FPV racing drone. It performs extremely well at races that require an agile racing drone where maneuverability is essential.

How to Choose The Best Camera

There are several aspects to consider when choosing the best camera for your FPV drone. A good racing drone camera should have a decent latency, an IR cut filter and a high quality CCD image sensor. Next to these qualities, you should pay attention to focal length of lens. Depending on which FOV you prefer for racing you can choose different focal lens length on camera. Wider the lens, less field of view you’ll have where 1.2 mm lens has approximately 185 degree FOV while 6.0 mm lens creates an image with 78 degrees FOV.



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